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My second webcomic and most ambitous project so far, started in 2013.
A shadow demon, one of the most monstrous and feared demons, comes to Sweetmny to take on the role of a noble guardian of the town. Max must prove that she is not just the monster everybody sees her as, and by her side is the young kitsune Princess Penny and feisty red panda Static.
Updates weekly, when there's an ongoing chapter.

A pokemon fancomic, but one of my favourite and longest-running projects. BxB Chronicles is a contuntiation of my first comic, Amzizade, and focuses on Bonnie the Mienshao and Blair the Whimsicott, just generally living and growing together.
Updates every 1-2 weeks.

A smaller project based around a series of short comics, about a young mother who works at a cake shop, and the friends she and her son makes. I have plans to sell the comics soon, but a few introductory comics can be found here.

Digital illustrations, character design sheets, and any other finished work that dosen't fit elsewhere.

My online ‘artwork diary’, or portfolio, primarily featuring my work from University or College that doesn’t really fit elsewhere and where I can break down and explain my work.

Your everyday semi-autobiographical webcomic featuring Thalateya the Thylacine (no relation... okay some relation). Not updated as regularly as my other comics and a bit more experimental, but still fun.